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Rock Cane Roll (climbing mode) Grey
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Rock Cane Roll

Product Code #RCRG

Introducing the Rock Steady Cane: your ally in hip and knee recovery.

£129 with VAT Relief

£154.80 inc VAT

This fully adjustable walking cane is engineered to support your journey to recovery following surgeries or injuries. By promoting mobility, it enhances circulation and flexibility, ensuring you regain your independence with confidence and stability.

Crafted with a dark grey or gold finish, the cane is made from lightweight yet robust anodised aluminium, offering a dependable support system that can accommodate up to 253 pounds (or 115 kg.) Despite its strength, it's remarkably light, weighing just 680 grams, making it easier to manage than many competing products. Its design prioritises safety, featuring a streamlined, compact build that is 50% lighter and designed to minimise the risk of trips and falls, often associated with bulkier models.

Key Features:

Accelerated Recovery Support: Designed to keep you moving, the Rock Steady Cane aids in faster recovery from surgeries and injuries by improving circulation and flexibility. Its use instills a greater sense of stability, confidence, and independence during your recovery phase.

Dependable Heavy-Duty Construction: Constructed with strong anodised aluminium and finished in a stylish grey or gold, the cane supports weights up to 253 pounds. Its durability is matched by its lightweight design, offering ease of use without compromising on strength.

Safety-Focused Design: The Rock Steady Cane’s patented design avoids the pitfalls of larger, splayed feet found on similar products, reducing the chance of accidental trips and falls. Its streamlined shape and compact size make it a safer option, without sacrificing durability.

Versatile and Portable: This cane is not only foldable for easy storage and transportation but also features an adjustable height with 10 sections, catering to individuals up to 6.25 feet tall. The PU grip ensures comfort and secure handling throughout its use.

Specifications: The cane’s dimensions are 22.5 x 22 x 77.5-89 cm, with an adjustable height to suit your needs and a product weight of just 750g for optimal portability.

The Rock Steady Cane is designed to be a reliable, lightweight, and stylish companion on your path to recovery. Its focus on safety, combined with the ability to adjust to various heights and its foldable nature, make it an ideal choice for anyone looking to maintain mobility and independence while recovering from hip or knee surgery.

Optional extras:

LED light available

Carry bag

Height (adjustable)10 sections
MaterialAluminium alloy
Size22.5 x 22 x 77.5-89 cm
Weight (max user)253 lbs (115 kg)
Weight (product)750g

Rock Cane

Google Review

2 years ago

Found the staff on 2 visits very helpful and friendly ; they answered all our questions which made it easy to conclude what mobility scooter to buy; thank you.

Lynda M.

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