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TGA Supersport

Product Code #TGASUPER

Live life to the fullest and enjoy life with the unique Supersport from TGA mobility. Making an impressive statement on the road and having many distinctive features.


You might look at the TGA Supersport and immediately think of a motorcycle, that's because it takes many of the design features from that industry. The large three-wheel system provides first-class comfort and manoeuvrability across a wide range of terrains and conditions.

The operating lever provides a simple way to control the speed - whether moving forwards or backwards. It gives you the option to crawl slowly along or quickly accelerate to the top speed of 8mph. Once the lever is released the Supersport automatically slows to a stop and then the parking brake is applied.

The TGA Supersport has responsive steering and an impressive turning circle. This gives you the option to negotiate obstacles with ease; whether you're in the town centre or taking in the beautiful landscape of the countryside.

A fully upholstered adjustable seat offers a comfortable place for the driver to sit. The seat rotates and the armrests lift giving you easy access when transferring to and from the scooter. Also, the height and angle of the handlebars can be changed to suit your requirements. You'll really appreciate this comfort when on a long journey of up to 30 miles on a full charge.

To ensure you have all the features expected from a road class scooter a horn, indicators, front and rear lights, and hazard warning lights are included so that you can be seen in darker conditions.

If you'd like to try our range of 8mph mobility scooters either pop into one of our showrooms or call 02392 255600 for more information.

Clearance12 cm (5")
Length162 cm (64")
Range20 - 30 miles (32 - 48 km)
Speed8 mph (12 km/h)
Turning Radius91 cm (36")
Weight (max user)31 stone (200 kg)
Weight (total)119 kg (262 lbs)
Width74 cm (29")

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