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Mini Crosser X2

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Exceptional quality on four wheels


The Mini Crosser X2 is a four-wheeler electric scooter known for its exceptional strength, comfort, and performance, setting it apart as one of the most powerful and comfortable options available in the market. At the core of this scooter is a robust electric motor, providing ample power for smooth and efficient riding, making it capable of handling various terrains and inclines with ease.

Embodying the reliability of its predecessor, the X1, while enhancing the experience with a range of advanced features. In addition to retaining all the facilities and equipment of the X1, the X2 boasts a cutting-edge control panel that introduces a host of innovative capabilities. Its user-friendly interface, equipped with a light-sensitive display, offers a wide array of convenient information for seamless navigation.

Key Features of the Control Panel:

  • Date
  • Time
  • Temperature
  • Distance Covered in Kilometers/Miles
  • Current Speed
  • Battery Status

To ensure a comfortable and stable ride, the Mini Crosser X2 is equipped with a unique suspension system designed to absorb shocks and vibrations effectively. This feature guarantees a smooth and enjoyable journey, even on rough or uneven surfaces, enhancing the overall riding experience.

Beyond its impressive functionality, the Mini Crosser X2 boasts an elegant design that appeals to a wide range of users. Its aesthetic appeal adds to its attractiveness, making it a stylish choice for individuals who value both performance and appearance.

Moreover, the scooter offers a diverse range of seat options to cater to different user preferences. This flexibility allows users to customise their riding experience further, ensuring a comfortable fit for each individual. Additionally, the Mini Crosser X2 comes with an array of accessories that enable users to tailor the scooter to their specific requirements and needs.

Available in two colours: Amber Orange, and Black.

DisplayLight sensitive LED display
Height (of step)110mm (4 inches)
Height (without seat)690mm (27 inches)
Length (overall)1400mm (55 inches)
Speed8 mph (12.9 km/h)
Suspension (front)Single front suspension
Suspension (rear)Unique, adjustable rear suspension
Turning Radius1650 mm (65 inches)
TyresPneumatic, puncture-proof (optional)
Weight (max user)250 kg (39 stone)
Weight (without seat & battery)124 kg
Width (seat)From 350mm-700mm (14 - 27.6 inches)
Width (total without seat)680mm (27 inches)

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