What exactly is a home demonstration?

We have years of experience running home demonstrations at Cavendish Health Care & Mobility. Because of our experience, we understand what makes customers feel at ease.

We will contact you to confirm that you require a mobility scooter home demonstration. We then verify your name and contact information before forwarding it to one of our home demonstration specialists.

One of our Cavendish delivery vans with consultantFollowing that, one of our home demonstration specialists will contact you and decide on a time and place for the home demonstration. They will also enquire about the type of mobility scooter you are looking for.

The consultant's primary job during your home demonstration will be to listen to your needs. They will enquire as to where and how you envision using a mobility scooter. They will carefully listen to your responses to give an appropriate recommendation.

Once the consultant has gathered sufficient information, they will recommend a scooter or a pair of scooters for you to test drive. The consultant will go fetch these from their van and bring them to you right away so you may try them out.

The expert will advise you to try out the scooter in the comfort of your own home and practise using it as if it were your own. You could drive it around your neighbourhood, practise getting it in and out of your car, or show it to your friends and family to receive their feedback. Our friendly consultants are happy to assist you with whatever you require.

You have some alternatives at the end of the home demonstration. Remember, this is not a sales visit, and you are not obligated to purchase any of the mobility scooters you tested. If you want to tell your friends or relatives about the mobility scooters you saw, that is fine.

If you've found a mobility scooter that meets all your requirements and is appropriate for you, congratulations! The consultant will do an evaluation with you. This will identify the mobility scooter you've selected and confirm that it meets your requirements. It will also determine whether the scooter needs to be adjusted. For example, if you need to change the controls.

In most circumstances, if you decide to purchase a mobility scooter, the consultant will be able to provide you with a brand-new scooter right away from their van. We provide a bespoke service; some of our competitors would make you wait up to 6 weeks for delivery.

This has been an overview of what our home demonstrations are like. If you're looking for a new mobility scooter, give us a call on 02392-255600 or fill out our enquiry form to schedule your free, no-obligation home demonstration.

We are happy to answer your mobility questions. You may also be eligible for a free home demonstration of a selection of the best folding electric wheelchairs and mobility scooters, all without any obligation to buy. Enquire Now
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