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Helping you to sleep comfortably

When you’re having trouble with mobility, a good night’s sleep is just what you need. To make sure you sleep soundly, Cavendish Health Care stocks specially made beds and all the accessories to make sure you’re comfortable. From a fully adjustable bed to specialised hospital solutions we can supply the right product for you.

Supplying all the bed accessories you could need

  • Bed bumpers
  • Bed rails
  • Adjustable bed and chair raisers
  • Bed wedges
  • Bed fleeces
  • Sitter support
  • Bedside motion detectors
  • Furniture raisers
  • Disposable bed pads
  • Overbed tables

Ensuring you get what’s right for you

Customers who choose us always get the best service possible as our knowledgeable staff in the Torquay and Waterlooville showrooms will talk to you to establish your needs and will match you to the right products to help you in life.

Comfort Single Bed
The Adjustable height single is perfect for getting out of bed because the bed rises up to hip level.
Comfort Twin Beds
The Adjustable height is perfect for getting out of bed because the bed rises up to hip level.
Home Divys
This height adjustable bed rises up to the hip level, easing standing up and getting out of bed.
The RehaBed is the perfect solution for the prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of back problems.

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