Water Hydrant

Hydrant Water Bottle

Product Code #HWB

A water bottle that can clip to a bed or wheelchair.

£22.79 with VAT Relief

£27.35 inc VAT

If you have a disability and spend most of your time in a wheelchair or profiling bed, then you may not be drinking as much as you should. The Hydrant Water Bottle provides you with an accessible source of water which can be hung from a bed, chair, mobility scooter, or wheelchair.

Having a water source that can be reached without assistance is extremely important. Dehydration can leave many people at risk of potential health problems such as constipation, kidney and liver problems, unrainy tract infections, dizziness, skin conditions, blood pressure problems, and lethargy.

The Hydrant is a 900 ml bottle that includes an integrated cap and hanging bracket. To drink, first, take the tube and insert the bite valve between your lips – then bite and suck. The valve opens when under pressure and closes when released so there is no leakage. With this water bottle, you’ll be able to drink whilst laying in bed.

Complete with integrated cap, handle, hanging bracket, drinking tube, bite valve, and a small clip which allows you to attach the tube to clothing, this is a fantastic drinking aid that is suitable for water or fruit juice. Drink whilst laying in bed, or on the move; all parts (except the tube and valve) are dishwasher safe.

Diameter80 mm (3.25")
Height230 mm (9.5")
Weight250 gms


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