Classic Max

Classic MAX

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Prices From: £19.20 including VAT

A Gripcert Jaw is designed to offer a firm but gentle grip on the most delicate of items including paper, fabric, and card. There is also a magnetic tip for when you need to pick up items such as keys, coins, or any metallic items off the floor.

Lifetime guaranteeThose who have arthritis in the hands will welcome the super-soft gel handle which is extremely comfortable to grip. Rather then having to keep the trigger pressed – which may be painful – one squeeze is enough to lock the claw in position.

And that’s not all… The hooked trigger doubles up as a great way to pull up socks or put on your coat and jumper.

The magnetic tip is useful to pick up metallic objects such as when you drop keys or money on the floor.

This product also comes with a Lifetime Guarantee.

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