Looking for a mobility aid?

When people use the word ‘mobility aids’ in conversation, it most often refers to the bigger, more well-known items such as mobility scooters or electric wheelchairs… maybe even an adjustable bed or stair lift. Most of which could be considered mobility equipment (all of which Cavendish Health Care would be more than happy to support you with).

Raised toilet seat - bathroom aidBath step - bathroom aidGrab rail - bathroom aid

What isn’t always discussed, is the smaller and inexpensive items - that many of our customers don’t even realise exist! These living aids are equally as important to consider and maybe more relevant on a day-to-day basis in helping to keep independent, specifically in your home. These products for example include a pressure relieving cushion, a non-slip mat or even a talking alarm clock (sounds annoying, I know, but it is designed to make life easier). There is such a wide range of mobility aids that almost every need can be supported in every room of the house.

There are a lot of changes that can take place as we get older, or if our mobility is reduced. I don’t just mean to our physical self, but also to our environment. Particularly, the one we call home. Arguably the biggest conversion in a house, happens to the bathroom. This can be for many reasons: it may be that the toilet is too low, the bath is too high or that the shower is just not secure enough.

So, how can we help?

Although previously I have only mentioned a few specific mobility aids that are more useful in your living room, kitchen and bedroom; today I feel it is best to introduce what we at Cavendish Health Care can do to make your bathroom safer. Did you know in a human life span the average time spent in the bathroom is between 1 and 2 years? That’s 17,520 hours! I bet a big contribution towards this is when bathrooms aids are not in place, extending the time it takes to do what used to be a simple task.

Bathroom Aids

You may have heard about and possibly used products such as raised toilet seats, bath steps and shower chairs, which can make life that little bit easier in a bathroom. Who knew that the height of a toilet could make so much difference? Getting up and over objects is something that becomes trickier, and this doesn’t just apply to toilets. For those of us who have a bath, (which is literally the lowest item in the bathroom) being able to get in and out can eliminate the relaxing aspect of a bath. It can even deter one away from the idea of having a wash. Bath lifts have been designed to reduce the amount of movement needed, by raising and lowering you down. There are many different styles so Cavendish Health Care will coach you through so that you select something that works best for your situation. The principles are the same though, you sit “side saddle” onto the bath and lift each leg over onto either a harder seat or a soft canvas one, then with the push of a button it lowers and reclines (some models) you gently into the warm bubbles then when you’ve had enough it raises you to the height of the bath making it easier to swing your legs over again.

Mobility aids for the bath/shower room don’t stop there, most are not permanent fixings so can easily be removed or placed elsewhere if you have guests visiting, you can have frames for your toilet to help you stand up, these are often used in conjunction with raised toilet seats – or the safer version is to use a raised toilet seat moulded into a frame which can be lifted over the toilet and which is much easier to clean! Tap turners enable a better grip on the handle (because round ones may look pretty but can be tricky), long handled bath sponges, so you can reach the middle of your back and give it a good scrub the solutions are endless.

Finally, the biggest conversion would be to install a wet room. Being able to walk in and use your facilities with minimal hassle is often the smoothest route. For those with very reduced mobility the introduction of a wheeled shower commode chair avoids the amount of transferring needed which saves energy and make the whole experience safer and often less daunting. This is also something we at Cavendish Health Care can support you with. But before a big-ticket item is purchased, why not consider the little guys first – this can often confirm what you do need more help with and may save you some costly purchases that don’t quite hit the mark.

Rehabilitation at home

We also understand that some mobility aids may only be needed temporarily for someone who is rehabilitating at home. Hiring is an option (subject to availability) for that window of recovery to get you back to being 100%. So, if there is an item that will make your time less stressful and safer and that you won’t need permanently, get in touch and we can offer most products needed as a hire.

Cavendish Health Care, the mobility aids centre for you!

There are items such as mobility accessories, which are also designed to help you, but as an addition to the mobility equipment we first talked about. Products like grab handles can make such a difference but they must be used wisely as the suction ones need to be applied to the correct surface for example. Cavendish Health Care can talk through the whole process, making inexpensive suggestions to help you retain or gain your independence.

If you can take away one thing from reading this blog about mobility aids, (and I hope you found this helpful). Is that all these disability aids are here to make life easier. They are almost designed as the bridge between mobility and disability. Please, please, please don’t let it get too late before you introduce these into your home. Keeping you safe is always the number one priority, no matter your age or condition.

We are happy to answer your mobility questions. You may also be eligible for a free home demonstration of a selection of the best folding electric wheelchairs and mobility scooters, all without any obligation to buy. Enquire Now
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