Guide to Riser Recliner Back Styles

Have you ever wondered or noticed that there are many different back styles for Riser Recliner Chairs? The type of back-style preference can vary from person-to-person or their medical condition.

In this guide, we’re going to talk about the different back supports available with Cavendish Chairs.

Firm Back

A firm button back gives you more structured support while sitting. It is for users who require a more definitive seated position than what a fibre-filled style cushion can offer.

Soft Back

This more traditional option has a soft cushioned back that gives the user maximum comfort and support. A feature of this style is the classic button design.

Soft-Wing Back

Just like the Soft Back with wings on each side. These wings are excellent for head support, especially if the user is likely to slip into a leaning position.


This style consists of three pillows that are removable depending on the user’s posture requirements. The central break in the cushion is extremely helpful to those with back problems as it can ease the pressure, especially when sitting for long periods.

Waterfall Back

One of the most popular choices with our customers. A waterfall back gives the user exceptional comfort and positioning options. The three elongated fibre-filled cushions can be positioned to suit personal preferences. The wings not only support the cushioning but will keep the user’s body in a central position.

Lateral Support Waterfall Back

Using the main concept of the Waterfall Back, plus a little bit more. The lateral support almost hugs the user’s waist, assisting those who need a little help with positioning or those who prefer the supportive effect.

Double Lateral Support Back

A cushion with a lateral support on either side provides excellent comfort and support while sitting or reclining.

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