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Riser Recliner Chairs for Pure Relaxation 

There is nothing quite like sitting down in a comfy chair, relaxing with a good book or enjoying a cup of tea with family and friends. When choosing a Riser Recliner Chair, it's important that your measurements are taken to achieve maximum comfort. 

We've found that chairs which are chosen for aesthetic appeal can cause more problems in relation to poor posture, back and neck pain. 

At Cavendish Health Care, we have many stylish and contemporary Riser Recliner chairs from Doge, Cosi Chair, and Primacare - all available in a wide range of styles and fabrics. From standard chairs which are 'ready to go' to bespoke 'made to measure' chairs - an excellent choice if you spend a prolonged amount of time on them.

  • Two Side Pockets
  • Dual action hand control
  • Durable herringbone fabric
  • Dual or triple motor (TIS)
  • Waterfall back for extra support 
  • Made to measure 
  • Available in 5 different recliner actions 
  • Choose from a range of fabrics  
  • Pocket sprung seat cushion 
  • Loop & pocket for handset controls
  • A safety device to lower chair in power cut
  • Durable castors 
  • Two Side Pockets
  • Handset loop
  • Emergency lowering
  • Wide range of colours & fabrics
  • Tilt in Space 
  • Single Motor with two button handset 
  • Four different colour options 
  • Made to measure
  • Single or Dual motor options
  • Standard & compact size options 
  • Choice of durable fabrics 
  • Maximum user weight of up to 20 stone (130 kg)
  • Dual-motor recliner chair 
  • Easy to use hand control 
  • Available in different fabrics 
  • Max user weight of 25 stone (159 kg)
Doge Bellino
  • Triple motor action 
  • Two backrest options (Lateral & Waterfall)
  • Max user weight of 19 stone (120 kg)
Doge Sarto
  • Triple motor action 
  • A choice of styles & fabrics 
  • Made to measure or standard options 
  • Unique tilting function 
Doge Turno
  • Triple motor action 
  • A Range of fabric and colours 
  • Safe rise function 
  • Max user weight 19 stone (120 kg)
Cavendish Care Chair
  • Multi-positional adjustable chair
  • Suitable for those with complex needs 
  • Easy to use hand control
  • Removable waterfall back cushions 
Breydale Fireside Chair
  • Solid seat and removable cushion
  • Shaped back for lower lumbar support
  • Exposed wooden arms for easy grip
Dorchester High Seat Chair
  • Choice of wood finishes 
  • Removable seat cushion 
  • A matching footstool is available 
  • Long-lasting design 

Finding the right chair for you

Finding a riser recliner chair with the right level of comfort can be a tough task, especially when trawling through high street furniture shops can seem daunting. Our helpful staff are on hand at our showrooms in Devon and Hampshire to help you find the perfect riser recliner chair.

We recognise that seat height, depth, width and softness are important and that everyone's needs are different. This is why we individually assess our customers to guarantee a tailor-made fit.

Adapting our service to your needs

There's no need to worry about breaking the bank for your comfort. We can offer hire or lease options should you not want to commit to buying, or perhaps you only need one for a short amount of time. 

If you require a Riser Recliner Chair, then please give us a call on 02392 255600 or pop into one of our showrooms in Devon or Hampshire. A friendly member of our team will provide you with expert advice on correct seating posture and further guidance with your mobility needs.

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