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Fitform armchairs: healthy sitting through real customisation

Fitform design and produce modern, comfortable and contemporary riser recliners with many adjustment options. Designed in and imported from the Netherlands, these chairs meet all the requirements for ergonomically healthy sitting posture.

Fitform chairs are produced with great care, attention and expertise to provide you with the best seating choice to care for your back health and well-being.

Luxurious and relaxing recliners with riser capability

Purchasing a high-quality armchair is a significant investment. After all, it is all about your personal care and comfort.

Fitform has created a range of riser recliners with a contemporary and relaxed design. The products provide you with all of the comfort and support you deserve, which is customisable to suit your individual needs. You can also select a range of colours and accessories to further customise your seating.

Fitform Wellness collection

Relaxing Riser Recliners

The Fitform Vario chairs are designed in such a way that the sizes can be modified to perfectly fit a user of any height and weight. The lumbar support can be raised or lowered, inflated or deflated to ensure you get the support right where you need it most. The neck support can also be adjusted to the right position to suit you.

The classic appearance of these armchairs means that they will seamlessly fit into any setting, in any room of the house.

Fitform convenience collection

Riser recliners for people who have difficulty sitting or feel restless

Fitform armchairs were designed specifically by people and for people who place a high value on healthy sitting. They are the ideal chair for individuals who spend extended periods of time seated, have severe back problems, or find it difficult to stand up. A Fitform Vario chair is the ideal solution if you suffer from a chronic illness or handicap that causes issues while sitting. The Vario collection includes a seating solution for people who experience a lot of unrest, for example, those suffering with dementia.

Fitform chairs can be fully adapted to your personal circumstances.

Fitform Care Collection
The Fitform Care collection

Learn more about the our range of Riser Recliner chairs.

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