SupaScoota Travel Adventures

A few months ago, I had on the condition my Father, Roy would agree to use a wheelchair and encouraged him to fulfil a bucket list holiday to travel to Seville where he and my mother had gone on their motorbike in the early 1950s.

My Father’s mobility has sadly been getting much worse for a few years, but as an independent person, he wasn’t keen on going down the ‘mobility route’. As a result, he soldiered on with a walking stick and his life was becoming more and more restricted.

After he made the decision to ‘hang up his car keys’ I managed to persuade him to get a mobility scooter of some sort. For us to get out and enjoy day trips, it needed to fold and be easily transported.

A family friend recommended a SupaScoota and swiftly arranged an assessment with the lovely Tony Pike.

The SupaScoota Sprint more than lived up to our expectations, it really is an excellent bit of kit. It performs really well, and my Father cruised through the Gatwick Airport shops/restaurants. The scooter was even allowed right up to the plane door, where it was taken away and stashed in the hold.

Once in Seville, we were staying in the beautiful and stunning Old Quarter where the streets are very cobbled, but the SupaScoota Sprint coped brilliantly and remained very stable. It was just so great to watch my Dad’s confidence grow and he quickly saw the value of being able to glide around independently to see all the sights which would have been impossible to do with just a walking stick.

I would honestly recommend anyone with mobility issues to get a SupaScoota as it will most definitely change your life for the better and bring the adventure back into it. They are really well priced, but can you really put a price on getting a renewed sense of independence?

Thank you, Cavendish Healthcare, you’ve got a great ‘life-changing’ product. And yes, I’ll keep you updated with my Father’s future SupaScoota travel adventures!

SupaScoota Sprint

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