In the Spotlight: The SupaScoota Spartan

The SupaScoota Spartan is made from reinforced steel so that it can carry a user weight of up to 32 stone. It folds down so it can be lifted into a car, and it has a turning radius of 98cm making it a nimble and easy to manoeuvre folding heavy-duty mobility scooter.

The key reason why the Spartan could be the lightweight mobility scooter for you is that it can carry a user weight of up to 32 stone. There is not another portable mobility scooter on the market that can match the Spartan’s user weight capacity. A user weight capacity of 32 stone puts the Spartan in the category of a bariatric mobility scooter. But, the Spartan is about a whole lot more than its maximum user weight which sets it apart from other bariatric mobility scooters.

The SupaScoota SpartanClose-up view of the SupaScoota Spartan

The Spartan folds and locks for transport in under 10 seconds. The Spartan is designed to make it as easy to fold down as possible. The user can deconstruct the Spartan in different ways to enable them to lift it into a car.

The seat folds flat and lifts off the Spartan, this is what enables the Spartan to fit in a car boot. The handlebars unlock from their upright riding position and fold down across the chassis to lock into place in the folded position. This is convenient for transportation and safe for the end-user when they are lifting the Spartan. After removing the seat and folding the handlebars, many users will be able to lift the Spartan into a car boot.

Yet, we know that some users need the Spartan to be as light as possible before they lift it. The Spartan has a removable battery. This is great for making the scooter lighter for lifting but is also convenient when re-charging the battery. Finally, the Spartan has another trick up its sleeve, the rear wheels and the motor can uncouple from the chassis. This process leads to the Spartan being in its fully deconstructed state and makes it as easy as possible to transport the Spartan.

Close-up view of the SupaScoota Spartan being disassembledJoe is ready to greet you at our Waterlooville showroom

Once you have reconstructed your SupaScoota Spartan then you’re ready to explore its other features. As a lightweight scooter, the Spartan can travel at up to 4mph which is the legal limit for use on paths and pavements in the UK. To help you feel safe and secure while riding, the Spartan comes with electronic stability control. The electronic stability control slows down the scooter whist turning around a corner to stop you from going too quickly. Battery ranges can vary depending on the user’s weight, the terrain, and the incline of where the Spartan is being driven. It is for this reason that the Spartan can hold an optional spare battery pack to increase your driving range. The SupaScoota Spartan can give back independence to those with limited mobility.

If the SupaScoota Spartan appeals to you then why not come and visit us in one of our showrooms? A member of our friendly team will help you test the Spartan to make sure that it is the right mobility scooter for you.

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