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Fitform fairing backrest

Fitform fairing backrest

Product Code #FFFABR

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There are many circumstances in which it may be difficult to sit upright. For instance, as a result of decreased muscle strength or a back deformity. "Crooked pockets" are a common symptom in people with Parkinson's disease or a CVA (stroke). An alternative name for this is "trunk balance problem."

The human body experiences extreme stress when sitting incorrectly. Long-term scoliosis sufferers may experience shortened back muscles on one side. This causes complaints of pain and additional strain on the spine, which can result in even more back complaints or radiating pain down a leg.

The solution

A bucket backrest can provide a solution in cases where the trunk balance issue is constrained. This personalised backrest is shaped like a tub (like a car seat), giving you more side support.

For even better positioning, a variation is also available with a high tub (+ 13 cm higher).

The best option is an ILP backrest or ILP Extra when there are significant issues with trunk balance.

The result

Better trunk stability and slumping are achieved with the help of an ergonomic stand-up armchair with a shell backrest. All of this contributes to more relaxed and comfortable sitting. The user can unwind and get a good night's sleep, which will help them recharge for their daily tasks.

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1 year ago

I bought a scooter from Cavendish some weeks ago and I could not sing their praises any higher than 5 stars. They made sure it was the right scooter for me and not just a sale. The staff were very engaging and knowledgeable.

John B.

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