Fitform kyphosis backrest

Fitform kyphosis backrest

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A curved back causing health problems?

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Kyphosis, another name for a curved back, can cause aggravating health issues. This can range from headaches and balance issues to complaints about the back, neck, and shoulders. People frequently correct their posture unconsciously, which results in discomfort and fatigue. A severe kyphosis can also cause respiratory and digestive issues.

Growth problems, osteoporosis (bone loss), spinal wear and tear, muscle weakness, poor posture (sitting with the head tilted forward for an extended period of time), and nerve and muscle problems can all contribute to kyphosis.

The answer

Softer foam components make up the middle portion of the backrest (at the height of the spine), which can be "kinked" at two points. So that the spine can sink further, the backrest can be practically folded around the deformed back. The backrest can be fitted to the back in the best possible way in this way.

The result

Kyphosis patients sit much more easily and sleep better. This can lessen or stop complaints about pain. And when the ergonomic stand-up armchair's tilt adjustment is used correctly, the user once more looks "out into the world" rather than looking down. This makes it simpler, for instance, to watch TV and look people in the eye in public.

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