Fitform Individual Lateral Padded (ILP) Backrest

Fitform ILP Backrest

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Sitting upright in an armchair can become increasingly challenging under some circumstances. Reduced muscle strength or a back deformity are two possible causes of this (e.g. as a result of scoliosis). "Crooked pockets" are a common symptom in people with Parkinson's disease or a CVA (stroke). This issue is also referred to as a trunk balance issue.

The human body experiences extreme stress when sitting incorrectly. Long-term scoliosis sufferers may experience shortened back muscles on one side. This causes complaints of pain and additional strain on the spine, which can result in even more back complaints or radiating pain down a leg.

The solution

There needs to be more side support if complaints are to be avoided or diminished. The ILP backrest was created with this objective in mind. ILP, or Individual Lateral Pad Backrest, denotes that a lateral support is made entirely on an individual basis. For this, pads (foam cushions) that can be placed independently are used. Since this support is movable, its shape may be altered as needed in the future. For those for whom a typical shell backrest is insufficient, an ILP backrest is the best option.

The result

The back is better supported, the vertebrae stay in better position, and slanting is lessened with an ergonomic stand-up armchair with an ILP backrest. As a result, while sitting, people feel much more relaxed, which helps with pain and other discomfort. This enables more activities to be done while sitting, such as reading, watching television, or spending time with guests.

The best outcome is obtained with the chair in the tilt position.

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