Fitform 570 Swivel
Fitform 570 Swivel (close-up of the turntable)Fitform 570 Swivel

Fitform 570 Swivel

Product Code #FF570SWIVEL


The Fitform 570 Swivel has all the features and benefits of the Fitform 570 Vario, but with an innovative swivel turntable made of extremely strong, high-quality plastic for this purpose. When mounted under the seat, you can easily rotate nearly 360 degrees.

The Fitform 570 Swivel armchair also has a riser recliner function to ensure you can easily get up from your chair, you can continue to live as independently as possible for longer, and you do not need to rely on family or care providers as often.

The turntable is ideal for people who have difficulty turning their upper body and/or neck due to medical conditions. This can be annoying, for example, when you're talking to someone in the office. A rotating chair keeps the body from being strained.

If you want to be flexible in other situations, a turntable can help. For example, you may prefer to read under a specific lamp, but the television is located in a different part of the room. You can sit comfortably in a swivel chair!

The platform is barely visible in the normal sitting position. You can rotate the chair almost 360 degrees before a 'stopper' ensures that it stops again. The turntable is automatically braked in the stand-up position for your safety.

Your armchair can be adjusted to your personal requirements: seat height, seat depth, armrest height, and the height and thickness of the lumbar support. This way you can maintain a healthy and comfortable sitting posture.

Other important features:

  • Available in different seat widths, up to 75cm
  • Wide range of individual adjustments, options, and accessories, to make almost any seating solution possible.
  • Also available in a mini version, for smaller individuals

Learn more about Fitform armchairs: healthy sitting through real customisation.

*Prices increase dependent on size and fabric.

Adjustable backrest possibleYes
Adjustable lumbar- support presentYes
Arm restsUpholstered
Average length in extreme relaxation165 cm
Depth (total)80 cm
Electric operableYes
Fitform tilt position presentYes
Height (armrest)16-29 cm (adjustable)
Height (backrest)84 cm, optional 73 cm, 94 cm, 104 cm
Leg rest and seat sharedNo
Leg rest and seat upholsteredStandard
Outgoing leg- support presentYes
Stand up function presentYes
Standard service from the chairManual control box
Storage pouch presentStandard
Topswing headrest presentYes
Width (seat)51 cm, optional 45 cm, 57 cm, 63 cm, 69 cm and 75 cm
Width (total)80 cm

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