Fitform interchangeable seat system

Fitform interchangeable seat system

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People who must sit frequently and for extended periods of time risk developing skin damage (decubitus). This might be painful and uncomfortable. Additionally, pressure ulcers put a "brake" on the healing and rehabilitation process and raise the risk of complications. Numerous complaints can be lessened and avoided with a specialised anti-decubitus cushion. However, many armchairs do not allow you to swap out the current cushion for an anti-decubitus one. When such a cushion is added to the existing seat, the person is raised to a higher position. There are negative effects because the seat height is no longer comfortable for the body.

It is challenging to put your feet on the ground if you are seated too high. Because of this, it takes a lot of strength in the arms to first shift the body weight forward before standing. Furthermore, it is more challenging to adjust positions when you are sitting high. Additionally, it may cause the leg nerves to become compressed, which may result in sleeping legs and varicose veins.

The solution

A separate anti-decubitus cushion, for example, can be used in place of the standard foam seat in an ergonomic stand-up armchair with an interchangeable seat system. Another option to the traditional pillow is a preventive pillow made of memory foam, latex, or a combination of these materials. A cushion like that is specifically made to guard against pressure sores.

The upholstery's zipper makes changing the majority of cushions simple. A different, simple process is used to change to a different anti-decubitus cushion.

The result

It takes a lot of energy to sit uncomfortably while in pain. A good cushion, combined with the proper seat height, allows the body to relax and rest better. All of this adds significantly to the overall quality of life.

Observation: not possible when used with an arthrodesis seat.

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