Why we're big fans of the V8 iLiving folding mobility scooter

V8 iLiving lightweight folding mobility scooter (with a polygon style background pattern)

Have you ever wondered how the pyramids are still standing over 4000 years later?

Did you know that the Eiffel Tower is constructed of 186 triangles?

It may seem nothing more than a simple shape to the average Joe… but triangles are the strongest shape in geometry as well as being the most recognised architectural design across the world. Buildings today are still incorporating triangles into their structure.

Why is that? Let me tell you!

Having 3 points allows for any weight placed on one of their 3 sides to be evenly distributed across the shape, using all 3 corners to sustain the load. Turns out 3 is the magic number!

This is why we at Cavendish Health Care are big fans of the V8 iLiving folding mobility scooter!

Although a triangle is not your traditional look on a mobility scooter, it was designed with stability in mind. Crafted with an aircraft grade aluminium frame, this 3 wheel mobility scooter is not only lightweight but simple to fold into one compact unit (you can even wheel it like a suitcase with the built-in pull handle, it is just that easy!) The 3-wheeled design also allows the scooter to have a tight turning radius, getting you around corners and in and out of condensed spaces with relative ease.

Small yet versatile, the V8 can keep you comfortable with a cushioned seat whilst traversing the outdoors. It provides ample leg room for those who are longer legged and is also fitted with secure stabilisers under the foot plates to keep you extra safe.

So, with comfort, stability, and safety considered… What more could you want?


Powered by lithium, you can go twice as far with 2 batteries, reaching a range of up to 15 miles (that’s right 2 batteries included!) For easy access, the V8’s batteries are stored on the front of the scooter at waist height. What may be seen as a strange design, will prevent the user from having to bend down to lift out any batteries, keeping your back nice and straight. The V8 has also included a lockable compartment that is only accessible with the V8 key to secure your batteries in place.

All scooters include a mobility scooter charger when purchased. If you purchase the V8 off board charger, you have the freedom to remove your batteries and charge them separate to your scooter! We find this helpful when our customers want to store their scooter outside, or somewhere tucked nicely away that may be out of reach of a socket.

And speaking of charging, with an accessible USB port, this scooter can support you one step further by charging your device whilst you are on the road!

This untraditional, yet modern model is the 3 wheeled, aluminium, folding mobility scooter of the century and worth looking into. If you need something ultra lightweight, and are looking for a mobility scooter with lithium batteries, this may be the scooter for you!

If you would like a free home demonstration or would like to visit our showrooms located in the south of the UK, please give us a call on 02392 255 600.

Even if you are the other side of the country, we are here to help with our Accredited Partners spread across the UK, there is always a way to see, experience and buy the V8 iLiving mobility scooter where ever you are… come and find out.


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