Taking a Lithium-Ion Battery on a Plane

In 1991 the first lithium-Ion Battery was first made available for commercial use. It has been a revelation in the market and is now used in most modern technology including pacemakers, mobile phones, computers, and mobility scooters.

Example of a mobility scooter's lithium battery The great thing about the lightweight qualities of mobility scooters and powerchairs these days is that they can be taken on holiday with you. A lithium battery is also lightweight and provides a better travel distance. What many people fail to realise is that there are strict regulations for Lithium-Ion batteries. If these regulations aren’t followed, they won’t be cleared for air travel.

The regulations are put in place for good reasons. A Lithium-Ion Battery has a high energy density when treated in an incorrect way. Don’t worry though. We have been trained in the safe transportation of lithium batteries and can even provide you with all the certification you need to fly with one.

With our advice and guidance, you can make sure that no problems arise when travelling with a flight-friendly lithium battery.

In most cases, a lithium battery for a collapsible mobility aid like a scooter or powerchair is likely to fall between the 100Wh – 300Wh category. To take this with you, approval is essential from the airline. Once they are satisfied with the certification, the battery must be detached and taken in the cabin with you.

All airlines would require that measures are taken to protect the lithium battery from short circuit. This can be achieved by putting electrical tape over the terminals and placing it in a protective case or anti-static plastic bag.

Please note that different airlines have different policies regarding lithium batteries so it is imperative to check with your flight provider prior to booking.

At Cavendish Health Care, the way in which we receive, send, and package out Lithium-Ion Batteries make them safe for air travel. Just give us a call on 02392 255600 and ask about our air-safe lithium battery certificates.

If you’d like to find out more about the safe handling of lithium batteries, please go to the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) website.

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