Mobility Scooters

If you have difficulty getting about, you don’t need to be confined to the four walls of your home. A mobility scooter gives you the freedom to go where you want to go. That could be the freedom to move around your home and garden, go on a long day out to the seaside or a quick visit to the shops. The most important thing is that it keeps you mobile and provides the independence you deserve.

Recommended Products

Choose the right mobility scooter 

At Cavendish Health Care, we carefully place our mobility scooters in 3 key areas – Portable, 4 mph, and 8 mph. That way, we hope to make things simple and easy for you when it comes to that important decision.

Our mobility scooters come in a wide range of colours and styles, so you’ll always have options with us. We have the very best electric mobility scooters that fold automatically as well as some models which are exclusive to us.

We always recommend that you test drive any mobility scooter before making a purchase. That way, we can make sure it’s the right fit and more importantly that you’re comfortable driving it.

We're still with you after the purchase 

Cavendish Health Care has mobility scooters for sale in Hampshire and Devon. Most of our mobility products have guarantees so if anything goes wrong you don’t need to worry about sourcing another company to carry out the repairs or servicing as we can do that for you.

We are happy to answer your mobility questions. You may also be eligible for a free home demonstration of a selection of the best folding electric wheelchairs and mobility scooters, all without any obligation to buy. Enquire Now
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